Non chiamatela più ISAF, nasce ‘World Sailing – uno sport per la vita’

L’organo di governo della vela mondiale, precedentemente noto come ISAF, ha annunciato ufficialmente la sua rebrand di ‘World Sailing – uno sport per la vita’.

Più trasparenza, una migliore comunicazione, una governance più forte e una maggiore responsabilità sono i quattro obiettivi principali del nuovo gruppo dirigente e il rebranding di World Sailing rappresenta il loro impegno a tali obiettivi.

Il nuovo motto – ‘uno sport per la vita’ – rafforza anche la dedizione del team di tutto il mondo della vela, dal primo passo di un individuo in una barca fino al giorno in cui scelgono di appendere le loro salopette.

Il futuro del World Sailing vedrà uno sport unita da juniores avventurarsi sull’acqua per la prima volta per i campioni in gara ai Giochi Olimpici o nel Vendée Globe. Valore maggiore sarà fornito alle autorità nazionali di Stati, di Classe Associazioni e Federazioni continentali, al fianco di un’iniziativa sviluppata per crescere e ampliare la partecipazione a vela.

Il nuovo logo di World Sailing
Il nuovo logo di World Sailing

Qui il comunicato World Sailing in lingua inglese

ISAF Becomes World Sailing As Part Of Rebrand
The governing body of sailing worldwide, formerly known as ISAF, has officially announced its rebrand to ‘World Sailing – A Sport for Life’.At the heart of the federation moving forward is a significant focus on change for the better. More transparency, better communication, stronger governance and greater accountability are the four main aims of the new leadership team and the rebrand to World Sailing represents their commitment to those aims.Sailing is one of the most inclusive sports in the world, regardless of gender, age or ability of a sailor, there is a boat for anyone and everyone to train and race in. It’s not unusual to see men and women racing alongside and against each other, grandparents sharing a boat with their grandchildren, or able-bodied and disabled sailors going head-to-head – all can compete on equal terms and this is what makes the sport unique.Not only will the federation have a refreshed look and focus, the new motto – ‘A Sport for Life’ – also reinforces the team’s dedication to the whole world of sailing, from an individual’s first step in a boat to the day they choose to hang up their salopettes.

Malcolm Page, Chief Marketing Officer of World Sailing, said, “We are really looking forward to a new era of sailing governance and myself and the team are determined to make World Sailing the best that it can be.

“It feels natural to develop our brand as the organisation evolves. The new identity satisfies all of the existing positive expectations of what our previous mark stood for, whilst moving the brand forward to acknowledge the maturity, functionality and diversity of sailing.

“We have great history and tradition and of this we are justifiably proud. However, in some areas, we were stuck in the past. Only by thinking and acting together, acting now, sharing one clear powerful message, can we move beyond this, remain relevant and grow as a sport.”

The future of the World Sailing will see a united sport from juniors venturing onto the water for the first time to champions competing at the Olympic Games or in the Vendée Globe. Greater value will be provided to Member National Authorities, Class Associations and Continental Federations, alongside initiative developed to grow and broaden participation in sailing.

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